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International Federation Vem Camará Capoeira was established in September 2009 by  Mr. Sandro Felix dos Santos ( Mestre Paҫoca ) and his closest students,  after leaving group Abadá Capoeira. The mutual cooperation exists since the year 2002.
The federation is currently represented in Austria, with an official headquarters in Klagenfurt, then in The Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Russia.

The Federation unites the national associations and coordinates their activities to fulfill its common objectives. It takes the responsibility for holding all main events like seminars, international sport-camps, national  championships, international open competitions and Open European Championship.

The philosophy of our group is to preserve original and traditional merits and its qualities in combination with functional and high standard teaching processes. Also, to develop the sport competition structure for adult and children at local, national and international level.  It is highly important to keep the high standard of given lectures, by regular instructors training and certification at its professional and also human approach. As it is stated in the name of the group we are open to any cooperation or exchange that will lead to improve the general state of Capoeira.



Was born in 1970 in Recife – Pernambuco, where he started practising Capoeira in 1981. His first teacher was Mestre Benti – vi. In 1985 he met Mestre Camisa (at the time Senzala group) and the following three years he travelled to Rio de Janeiro. In the end he decided to live and train in Copacabana at Mestre Peixinho´s academy. After establishing Abadá Capoeira he followed Mestre Camisa and trained with all the former core members and kept on deepening his Capoeira knowledge and education.

 In 1992 he decided to travel to Europe to help with developement of Capoeira there. His first stop was Kopenhaagen, then he became one of the most influential personalities of european Capoeira scene. He established academies in Germany, Spain, gave seminars all arend the western Europe. He was also the first European championship organiser.

In 2000 he decided to move on and came to live and work in Vienna, Austria. He established there one of the most popular academy. It was in 2002 in Vienna where he met the slovak boys Ete and Camelo, who asked him to start regular classes in Bratislava, Slovakia. Soon after that he met there Robocop, Big Baby and Atabaque from The Czech republic, who joined the union and Mestre Paҫoca became the responsible leader of the group in The Czech republic and Slovakia. In 2006 he went to Russia to lead a set of seminars and became the leader of russian group. At this year he also became a leader of hungarian group. He organised Batizados, competitions, seminars and was a great inspiration to many young athletes.

In 2009 after a deep consideration he decided to stay apart from all the sideways politics of the group and to get out of the group and to establish his group Vem Camará Capoeira.  At that moment just a few believed in him and his motions and stayed with their teacher. They were graduados  Robocop, Big Baby, Atabaque in The Czech republic, graduada Golfinho, Xitara in Austria and graduado Latino in Slovakia.

In 2012 he recieves the honorable degree Mestre and a red cord from the hands of Mestre Capixaba with a presence of many Mestres like Mestre DiMola, Tucano and others.

Mestre Paҫoca´s endless enthusiasm and his devotion to Capoeira together with his professionalism made his dream come true, but he doesn´t quit or rest  and is a great example for many upcoming generations of Capoeiristas.

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Mestre Paçoca and international association Vem Camará Capoeira invites Capoeiristas from all over the Europe...

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